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Capture Monsters

With the aid of techniques passed down for generations, the Capture Clan has mastered the ability to capture powerful monsters in the wild.

Using specialized cartridges that can house even the largest enemies, you will capture powerful monsters and create the perfect team.

Summon monsters

Load up your weapon, summon your favorite monsters, and lead your team to victory!

Full Story

Fight your way through monster filled dungeons, help villagers in diverse town, and save the world from the monster invasion.

65+ Unique Monsters

Find, defeat, and capture over 65 unique monsters each with their own hidden powers! Level your team and unlock unique powers as you explore .

Fight Monsters

Fight right alongside your team and command your monsters in battle! Witness the amazing action and fantastic abilities from the front lines!

Side Quests

The world of Rendis is filled with people who are in need of your help. As you venture through the towns there are many who will gladly reward you for your efforts.

Our Team!

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I am Dave Thelwell Jr Owner of Happenstances Games LLC. I Just happen to get into VR after seeing the half-life Alyx Trailer and was looking for a Monster Catching Pokémon / Shin Megami type game and a Yu-Gi-Oh type game. I found a Yu-Gi-Oh type game called Re-o-Ri and found out all the developers were guys just trying to make a game since nobody else was. So, I decided to do the same thing.

Cartridge monsters is my first game ever fully programmed by me. I hired contractors to work on the monsters, music and other aspect of the game all paid for out of pocket by myself, to try to get the best quality possible.

It has been in development since December 2019. I have been working on it full time 8-11 hours a day. Being my first game, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I wanted to have a certain quality which I think pushed me to grow a lot faster than I could’ve wished for. The overall goal was not making the biggest greatest game ever. It was to make the best game I can with what I have (and fun).

Dave Thelwell - Keepsie
HG - Programmer / Designer / Director / Owner
Sean Volk - Bartuby
Freelancer - Game Designer / Senior Level Designer
Rohan Spuke - Spuke
Freelancer - Model Designer - Level Designer
Daniel Taplin - DAN
Freelancer - Music
Can Hacioglu - Bloo
Freelancer - Model Designer